LBT TRADE – a Manufacture Representative Agency for Firearms / Equipment / Accessories / Ammunition

LBT TRADE was founded in June 2014 and is based in France.


LBT TRADE is a manufacture representative agency specialized in the Firearms, Air Rifles and all related equipment & accessories, which means that we offer to be the representative in the whole world for brands who want to grow-up and expand their market share.


LBT TRADE has a sales DNA and makes the link between the manufacturers and the distributors/retailers around the World. LBT TRADE has customers in more than 25 countries around the World and we thank them for their trust and their work with us.


LBT TRADE offers you a trading service to get access to the most famous brands in the market at the best possible prices.

It’s not just trading, LBT TRADE is also a service, available every day and every hour. We can also advise you on the products and lead you to the best choice according to your expectations.

We offer you the opportunity to make your business easier and we propose you the best prices on the market.
We are in 27 countries…